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Loved by +100,000 since 2005! Boost your body and mind with the yummy sugar-free, and naturally gluten-free,  vegan Dr. Vie SuperFoods®  for sports fitness, before your workout, during your fitness regiment, and just after your sports. Or enjoy as a breakfast, lunch or snack options this holiday festive season. Yes you can eat tasty healthy foods while you meet your fitness goals and start off 2018 with your secret smile! Eat pure Atzec warrior chocolate to fuel before exercise, to energize during exercise and to recharge within 30 minutes after exercise. The formula has been our special secret fueling Olympians and more since 2005.

Whether you're a fitness fanatic, Olympian, diabetic cyclist, IronMan seeking pure food energy, health conscious, exercising to  lose weight, particular about wholesome clean foods, or want to benefit from what thousands have enjoyed over the years, then do not miss out on this guilt-free utterly indulgent delicious and yes freshly made to order fitness nourishment ..are you ready?

Choose your wish of ingredient: Matcha green tea for before action, spirulina for after action or coconut for during action. Then select how many 45 g bags you want and send in your dream wish of fitness to us!


Dr. Vie Special Energized Healing Recipe?

It's not just the protein rich, vegan healthy fiber of earthy mixed raw  seeds, matcha, spirulina, coconut superfruit ingredients, in a yummy recipe that makes whichever variety you choose ready to eat, choc-full of antioxidants from pure cacao. It's not about the recipe with low glycemic calories or omega 3 fats your body needs that empowers the superfoods you will soon bite into before, during or after your fitness activity.

It's indeed the special way in which your food order is lovingly prepared, from the time of your sending your wish to us, to your fitness food of love being individually packaged in earth friendly bags and box and shipped with compassion and peace to you. Your special desire is freshly made, within a loving kitchen, filled with the hum of the Cosmos. Dr. Vie's global inner peace to world peace energies are fused into your order. Especially for your health and well Being.

Because everyone is connected, and everyone benefits when you send in your wish.

Every cent of your order goes towards making the world a better place for you, your loved ones and all children, elders, women and men and Beings around your home, Planet Earth.

Dr. Vie's work is blessed by Mother Vie whom Dr. Vie adores, and who houses and feeds Dr. Vie in Africa while she inspires thousands of youth for free.



Of course the fitness range is also ideal for a nutritious breakfast on the go, or a "working-through- lunch" boost or an afternoon pick-me-up snack. Get the Matcha Go to energize you before your workouts, and for long sessions enjoy the nutrition from coconut, and especially after fitness exercise workouts recover with Recharge Spirulina.  If you ahve more time...outside of sports....then do check out Mother Vie's ideas for enjoying each of Dr. Vie SuperFoods®.

Ideal for fitness gym goers, active people, diabetics, weight watchers, students, workers, patients, or anyone conscious about healthy living and using healthy foods to support a healthy body and mind.

A natural boost the way Mother Nature intended.


Dr. Vie SuperFoods® have been fueling Olympians, skiers, para-athletes, sit-skiers, cyclists, mountain bikers, roller skaters, ice skaters, soccerites, hockey players, Mixed Martial Arts fighters, fire fighters, rowers, track cyclists and circus performers...since 2005. Now try the online range from Dr. Vie. For now, only available for shipping in North America.


Dr. Vie SuperFoods®

  • 12 bags in a tryout box. Each bag has 3 separate units to total 45 g. Individually packed in compostable packaging- composts at home in 12 weeks.
  • One box packaging gets you the special discounted shipping of Dr. Vie SuperFoods® to Canada.
  • Get up to 36 bars for shipping rate of $15
  • Get up to 72 bars for shipping rate of $17
  • Get up to 100 bars for shipping rate of $20
  • Zero sugar, nuts, gluten, dairy, artificial or processed or added sugars or sweeteners ..just real earthy ingredients filled with love. Are you ready for a fitness  boost before, during or after your workout?
  • Especially available during this holiday season. Do not miss out on jump starting 2018!


NOTE: Family pack in one box for better pricing.

  • Get up to 36 bars for shipping rate of $15
  • Get up to 72 bars for shipping rate of $17
  • Get up to 100 bars for shipping rate of $20

USA rates are weight based.


  * Please note if you have ANY allergies to foods (be it nuts, gluten, milk etc.) and you truly worry about your safety, you should not consume foods that you have not personally made. Even if we have taken care not to add these ingredients into the products, we do not take any responsibility for contamination along the way from our premises to your mouth.



All funds support Dr. Vie's free Super Conscious Humanity Youth Program since 2005.



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